The Book of Atalan

The Book of Atalan is a website dedicated to the lore and history of the world of Atalan: the home of the Reapers, Keepers, Demarcos and many more. This blog will be used expressly for those who are interested to dig deeper into the magic and lore of these stories. 

That being said, as this is an informational source, there will be spoilers to: 
>The Reaper's Legacy
>Song of the Nightingale
>Factions of the Lost Ones
>Where the Willow Walks
> Red Roses
> Under the Shooting Stars
> Any other affiliated shorts

Please read and search with caution, as I try to mark for spoilers, but what you deem a spoiler I may not.
This is an living lore and will be changing as stories are added to the world. Pages will be marked with a "last edited" date.
Articles are written as though this were a textbook WITHIN the world of Atalan (where applicable, at least, it was more fun for me this way), which means I will try to avoid fourth wall breaks as much as possible for immersion purposes.
Any questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed in the comments or by a private message to Livvielove on Carl's Guide and Forum or on Boolprop


The World of Atalan

The world of Atalan is a combination of different realms, continents, countries, and most importantly, races. At the core of Atalan lies an entity that none have seen or heard, but all feel it's presence: the World's Essence. From the fibers of the World's Essence, raw magic takes shape. On the main portion of Atalan is a spherical world of two continents and several island countries, home to several different races and lifestates. The diverse countries within each continent all have unique histories and cultures. 
Segmented away from the main sphere are hundreds of different realms, fragmented from the World's Essence and claimed by the powerful beings that walk the world of Atalan. 
Atalan is home to many, including: gods and goddesses, spirits, Nymphs, Magical Sources, Vampires, Werewolves, Sirens, Shades, Humans, and many more.

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