Atalan has a very unique way of telling time in years. The Sisters of Time are responsible for managing the eras of the world. Every so often, there's a shift and the Sisters must prepare to usher in a new era. At the very end of the previous era there is a week-long Solar Eclipse that consumes the world to signify to everyone living there that an era is coming to a close. Many magical anomalies can occur during this week, and at the very end of the Solar Eclipse the sky will flash with one of three colors which foreshadow the prosperity and peace of the coming era.
A green flash signifies mostly good fortune.
A purple flash signifies an era of balance.
A red flash signifies mostly bad fortune.

The year-counter resets every era. Some eras can last several thousand years, while some last only a few hundred. It is difficult to tell exactly how long an era will last until the era is actually coming to a close. The following is a list of Eras, a rough estimate of how long they lasted, and the color flash that accompanied their start. While the Eras do count down to single years, this glossary will keep things rounded to the nearest hundred years to keep things from being confusing. 

  • The Age of Gods: 200 years in length; no flash.
  • The Regal Era: 3,000 years in length; purple flash. 
  • The High Ages: 700 years in length; green flash. 
  • The Venom Aeon: 1,300 years in length; red flash.
  • The Age of Control: 2,000 years in length; purple flash.
  • The Mystic Age: 1,500 years in length; red flash.
  • The Era of Havoc: 900 years in length; purple flash. 
  • The Era of Prophecies: 900 years in length; green flash.
  • The Age of Bones: Coming Era; red flash.

Last Edited: 2/16/19 (LL)