Races and Lifestates

The world of Atalan hosts many different races and lifestates and each have their own history and unique features. A lot of these lifestates use or require access to the raw magical energy that Atalan is comprised of. Some lifestates encompass more than the magic, but also culture and lifestyle.
The known races of Atalan are:

  • Spirits
  • Shades
  • Nymphs
  • Humans
  • HallĂ«
The many lifestates of Atalan are:


While there are a great many races that live in Atalan, the two original races that most others stem from are the Nymphen and the Human race. The key thing that makes each lifestate different from the other is due to a gene attached in the DNA of the being in question. The Lifestate Gene is an extra gene found attached to the ends of a specific strand of DNA within the cells of a being that determines the lifestate of the being.

Humans and Nymphs are unique in that they can lack any gene there at all, which gives them the flexibility to become any of the lifestates throughout their life so long as they do not have dormant powers hiding in their genes.

There are cases of being multiple lifestates in a single person, however the cases are rare. Those are called hybrids, and in almost all cases hybrids cannot be created but they must be born in such a way that accommodates both types of genes.

Last Edited: 12/30/18 (LL)