The Pantheon

The Pantheon of Gods holds positions for 15. There are 18 total gods, all maintaining one area of the world to keep the world balanced in ordinance with the World's Essence. These gods are the most powerful beings alive in the world of Atalan. Despite this, the gods can be killed or overthrown - with the exception of the Sisters of Time - and replaced with a new god that is usually selected by the World's Essence. There are some cases in which a god is overthrown but not replaced immediately, yet usually there are extenuating circumstances at work.

The following is a list of the types of gods in order of power (from most powerful to least):

Sisters of Time: Time Past, Time Present, Time Future

The Sisters of Time are the only goddesses who cannot be killed or overthrown. The Sisters of Time were born directly from the Essence and are related directly to the World's Essence. Due to their close nature to the World's Essence, they do not take human forms. The Sisters of Time serve as defenders of the Timeline and general order of the world of Atalan. They keep all of the other gods in line with a few general rules. They have a force of faceless creatures that have the silhouette of women known as Time Keepers. These Time Keepers serve as the world's police and have many jobs, from hunting those who would harm the way of things to escorting powerful beings to their trials.
There are three Sisters of Time: Yvaine, Trenadira, and Jyri.
Yvaine controls Time Past.
Trenadira controls Time Present.
Jyri controls Time Future.
The followers of Time have the ability to Time Travel, however it is given with a heavy handed warning to not touch what they see unless given express permission. Oftentimes the Time Travel comes at great costs to the priest/priestess in question (insanity, early death, paralysis).


Magic and Madness

Once believed to be two separate gods tens of thousands of years ago, the formation of a God of Magic and Madness is crucial to the stability of Atalan. The World's Essence being composed primarily of raw magic causes Atalan, which was built on it, to be surrounded in a veil of raw, chaotic magic. Unusable in this form, there needs to be a filter for which the magic to go through in order to gain stability. That is the purpose of the God of Magic and Madness. This god serves as a focal point that all magic gets stabilized through while it transitions from its raw, volatile form to a livable, usable form. Without this god there would be no way to control or use magic in any form; the magic would also begin to react in unpredictable ways (such as explosions, mass deaths, and unpredictable reactions - crops changing colors, fire no longer burning people). Due to the amount of raw, chaotic magic that is focused through one person, this god is often plagued with insanity and a chaotic nature due to the magic they're constantly maintaining.

Any being in this position will always maintain immense power. Since they make all magic possible, they are capable of using any and all magic (regardless of type). Followers of this god are also granted this ability to lesser degrees at no price taken from the user.
Prior to the rise of the God of Death, this god was seen as the executioner at god trials.



The God of Order is the peacekeeper amongst the gods. They serve as the judge at all trials (minus their own, in which the God of Magic and Madness or the Sisters of Time will stand in when appropriate), and maintain the delicate equilibrium of the world. They are responsible for keeping track of the state of Atalan and ensuring that each of the gods are maintaining their positions. The God of Order usually has the backings of the Sisters of Time, and will often be seen as the head of their Time Keepers.
The God of Order is a strong magical source, and will lose whatever other abilities they had prior to ascension. However, if the need is required, he can receive an immense amount of power from the Sisters of Time to maintain the balance of the world or kill a god above his status if that is the will of the World's Essence. While the Sister's of Time are the closest to the World's Essence, the God of Order functions as the face of the World's Essence.

Followers of the God of Order are strong magical sources that can gain up to triple their power under the hand of the God of Order without a price being exacted from them for the power. The tripled power is not a permanent state, and is only permitted for use in extreme situations.



The God of Fate remains to be equally crucial, as they are the god that cares for, transcribes, and protects the Book of Fate. Considered the most powerful tool outside of Time Travel, the Book of Fate is a constantly changing book that foretells the future of everything. The God of Fate is the one who will take care of the book as well as have the ability to influence the fate of Atalan. Anyone who is not the God of Fate who attempts to approach the Book of Fate will be stuck down and killed in worst cases, or driven absolutely insane in others. Without this god the Book of Fate runs the risk of deteriorating into dust, thus spiraling the world into a stand-still until everyone wastes away.

Due to the Book of Fate being the priority of the God of Fate, that god will double in power whatever magical talents (if any) they had prior to ascension, as well as gaining the abilities of a strong magical source (if they weren't already). Followers of Fate are able to preview the fates of others as well as help shape fate in minor ways for others. They are always magically gifted, often to strong degrees.



The God of Nature maintains all of the grown life on Atalan as well as the balance between the many species that live there. The God of Nature is responsible for the life and wellbeing of each forest in the world, as well as preventing too much destruction to the natural environment. This god is responsible for maintaining the life of the World's Essence. The God of Nature gains any and all abilities to control and expand nature, as well as the ability to create and destroy diseases. The can keep any magical abilities they had prior to ascension but gain the abilities of powerful Pure-Blooded Nymphs (if they weren't one already) as well as that of a powerful magical source.

Those who follow the God of Nature will gain control over nature as well as different magical states they can potentially transition to if they so chose (Children of Nature or Nymphs). Followers of the God of Nature are also natural healers.



The God of Elements maintains a hard job of balancing the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The God of Elements is given complete control over each element and can embody the element they wish to control. This god covers a great deal of ground, and therefore needs four High Priests (or Priestesses) to help maintain the balance. This god has a great deal of power, however it comes at the cost of losing their voice.

The God of Elements is given the abilities of a strong magical source (if not one at the time of ascension) and complete control over all four elements. They also gain abilities of Nymphs, but will lose any other gifts they might have had prior to ascension. This god is considered the "first" nymph, and therefore is usually associated with the Nymph communities. Followers of the God of Elements fall into the four categories of the elements, and are given abilities based on the element of which they align with.



The God of Knowledge maintains the history of Atalan and chronicles all events of the world to be stored in the Great Library. The God of Knowledge is always learning and will have the ability to gain all knowledge the world of Atalan has to offer - minus those found in the Book of Fate. The God of Knowledge is the recorder of of the world and spends most of their time ensuring an accurate collection of the events occurring everyday.

The God of Knowledge is given the abilities of a strong magical source, and while they'll have knowledge of how to use any other type of magic, they will lose the ability to use any other form of magic, save for that of a magical source (despite what they were prior to ascension). This god also has the power to read minds and preview any point in history that has already occurred through the Great Library (they cannot actually go to the point in time, simply witness it with accuracy). Followers are given the ability to read minds. They may also preview points in history, but at a great cost to themselves.



The God of Death maintains the Land of the Dead, which is no small task. The Land of the Dead is home to many types of souls and Shades, some which would seek to escape and get to the Land of the Living. It is up to the God of Death to ensure no soul or Shade escapes. The God of Death must keep track of all souls regardless of living or dead.

This god will double in power whatever magical talents they had prior to their ascension, as well as gaining the abilities of a powerful magical source (if they weren't one already). The God of Death is gifted with the ability to walk between the Land of the Dead and the Land of the Living. Followers of this have a myriad of different abilities, such as the ability to communicate with the dead or the ability to walk between the Land of the Living and the Dead with few consequences. Followers are almost always magically gifted with strong talents in magic pertaining to the dead.
The God of Death serves as the executioner of the gods at trials.


Love: Commitment and Marriage

The God of Commitment and Marriage is known for relationships and long-lasting partnerships. This god deals mostly in the affairs of people. This god can arrange matches as well as can see the future love endeavours of any person they come into contact with. This god, depending on their personality, has also been known to step in and intervene in cases of spousal and familial abuse. In a way, this god serves as the protector of the home and commitment.

This god is granted the abilities of a powerful magical source. They do not keep any other magical abilities they may have had prior to ascension. This god also has the ability to cause anyone to fall in love (or out of love). This god is good with persuasion and curses as well as hypnosis and mind control. The followers of the God of Commitment and Marriage often work as matchmakers and (in some cases) helplines to troubled relationships. They can make anyone fall in love with them with a snap of their fingers and are usually magically gifted to some degree.


Love: Lust and Beauty

The God of Love and Beauty is known for reveling in the pleasures that relationships can offer. This god deals in fertility and the more sexual aspects of relationships. They are more in the affairs of people rather than that of the world entirely. This god is also capable of removing curses or physical ailments that would otherwise hinder people (they can also inflict them).

This god is granted the abilities of a powerful magical source and do not keep any abilities they might have had prior to ascension. Similarly to the God of Commitment and Marriage, this god has persuasion and mind control in their abilities. Followers of this god are often seen as desirable and do not stir jealousy from their partners. They are usually magically gifted to some degree.


Night and Darkness

The God of the Night and Darkness is known for controlling the fall of the sun each day. They are also responsible for the Vampire population that prowls the night-time. This god is said to spread darkness everywhere they walk, and people usually associate them with the negative things that happen in the world. They are capable of creating plagues and are often associated with spiders, bats, and other terrors of the night.

This god is considered the "first" Vampire. They are the strongest of all Vampires. They have super strength and speed. They can read minds and make people thralls; however, they do not need to drink blood. The God of the Night and Darkness also will have some capabilities of a magical source. Followers of the God of the Night and Darkness are usually Vampires, but not always. They typically have the abilities of a vampire or the qualities of a thrall, depending on their status beneath the God of Night and Darkness (also depending on the personality of the god).



The God of the Moon has full control over the moon and all of it's phases. The moon has strong ties to the raw magical energy that sits in the core of the world. The full moon brings out the strongest and most chaotic parts of magic. In order to help diffuse the chaotic energies, the moon must cycle through phases. This god is gifted with the abilities to create and take away light in darkness as well as shape shift into the form of a wolf. As such the God of the Moon is responsible and credited for the creation of Werewolves and the Wild Hunt.

This God is gifted with powers of a magical source along with those of a Werewolf. The followers of this god have the ability to create and take light away in darkness. They can also summon the Wild Hunt to aid them, though sometimes this has great costs to themselves.



The God of the Sea has total control of the tides and all bodies of water. This god is responsible for the tides as well as all aquatic life. The God of the Sea is credited for the creation of Sirens, in both their normal and cursed state. This god has the gift of shapeshifting, and can transform into any person or creature. They can flood any area at will and have full control over any body of water.
The God of the Sea has all the abilities of a strong magical source, but they also are the "first" Siren, and as such are the most powerful Siren. Followers of the God of the Sea are typically Sirens, and they are gifted the ability to control the flow of water as well as breathe underwater.



The God of Betrayal is known for causing mass chaos and stife. Plagues, droughts, wars, and slavery all fall into this god's realm. This god was born from the wishy-washy nature of humans and prays upon their flimsy nature. In spirit of their name, the God of Betrayal is associated with revenge and deception. This god has lead to the creation of Djinn (otherwise known as Genies) and Imaginary Friends; both being cursed magical sources.

The God of Betrayal is granted the abilities of a strong magical source, with great emphasis on deception, manipulation, and chaotic magic. Followers of this god are usually strong magical sources with gifts of lies and deceit.



The God of Dreams is responsible for maintaining the Dream Realm - a place that can only be entered in sleep. This god has the power to manipulate dreams and they can change a person's state of consciousness easily. The God of Dreams has their powers strongly rooted in hypnosis. This god created the first set of Dream Walkers.

The God of Dreams is a powerful magical source who has the ability to walk in the Dream Realm while awake and manipulate it to their will. This god also has the ability to torture others and deliver messages through dreams - in some cases even granting some moments of foresight. Followers of the God of Dreams also have that ability to a lesser degree, and they are typically Dream Walkers.



The God of Debauchery is known for dancing, drink, and revelry. This god is the god of celebrations and general good-times. They can control emotions, and manipulate people to feeling however they wish for them to feel. The God of Debauchery is also known for being a wish-granter. They have the ability to give mortals anything they desire... for a price. This god created the original Wishing Well, and they often spend time maintaining each Wishing Well there is.

The God of Debauchery is a very powerful magical source who is often seen as a wish granter. His powers are aligned with manipulation and mind-reading. Followers of the God of Debauchery are strong magical sources who often spend time crashing parties and causing mayhem.

*There are story spoilers beyond this point.*

Known Gods/Goddesses

Magic and Madness: Zachurr Odaline; Majnun Keeper
Order: Noe Madere, Agonin Madere
Fate: Quismat Spur; Ambar Estonia
Nature: Spinner Balatare
Elements: Taelagor Mist
Knowledge: Luken Aadish; Irena May
Death: Harken Skeltor; 
Marriage and Commitment: Carule Dawnmore
Lust and Beauty: Eravaeral Monneseur
Night and Darkness: Malice Nightmare
Betrayal: Adessa Tremere
Dreams: Sanja Walle
Debauchery: Vinyx Fabian

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