Calypso Asherah

Goddess of the Sea

Status: Alive.
Year Ascended: 100 of the Era of Prophecies
Realm: Siren's Cove
High Priest/ess: Ezekiel Titus.
Known Priests/esses: Juliana Darko
Permanent Alliances: Spinner Balatare (God of Nature).
Magic: Known for having a beautiful voice and control of bodies of water, followers have the ability to control water; most followers are Sirens and can also manipulate people with their voices. Their specialties are in water control and magical voice commands.
Known Family: The Legend Family.

Calypso Asherah has lead a very busy life since she ascended to godhood 700 years prior. Ambitious and stubborn, some would call her, she's started several wars and struggled to assert a place for herself in the Pantheon. She has a long-term friendship with Spinner, the God of Nature, and she has an on-again-off-again friendship with Fate Niccoli. 

Some of the most devastating wars in recent history were started under Calypso's pull. Shortly after Fate Keeper ascended, she challenged Calypso in what would become the Great Siren War. This war lasted on and off for around 50 years and resulted in a mass slaughter of both Cursed and Uncursed Sirens as well as several island countries that got caught in the fray. 

Calypso takes pride in her Siren army, which consists mostly of Cursed Sirens that bend to her will. She is known for experimenting with breeding more powerful followers and priests; however, very few know about these experiments and live to tell the tale.

Stories Found In:
>Song of the Nightingale

Last Edited: 9/2/2016 (LL)