Majnun Keeper

The God of Magic and Madness

Majnun Keeper; The Reapers Genetic Legacy

Majnun Keeper is a massive character in a majority of the stories written by Livvielove, subsequently, this entire article will contain spoilers. It's just in the nature of how big of a character he is. You've been warned. 

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Status: Alive
Year Ascended: 100 of the Era of Havoc
Realm: Midnight Hollow
High Priest/ess: Mania Keeper (Saoirse Naturae)
Known Priests/esses: Quinn Flanagan;
Permanent Alliances: None
Magic: Majnun Keeper has the ability to use any and all magic of the world, however his speciality is in Wards and Protection Magic. Each of his followers and children have specialized in their own form of magic in most cases.
Known Family: See the Keeper Family page.

Early History:
Majnun Keeper maintains a very interesting and delicate balance of chaos and magic in his life. Once known as Prince Finreth Glebaal of Dragon Valley, he rose to godhood after the death of his predecessor: Zachurr Odaline. Prince Finreth was a painter, the middle child of four. He spent much of his adult life hiding his hobby from the disapproving scowl of his father. Finreth rose to godhood after Zachurr drove both of Finreth's brothers to insanity - resulting in Finreth having to kill both of them.

Upon rising, Finreth cast aside his name and title in favor of the small household name of his mother: Majnun. He would spend the next few decades slowly learning and honing his craft with magic. After so many years he was summoned to his Initiation Ritual amongst the Pantheon. The ritual usually involves the rest of the Pantheon doing whatever they can to get a rise out of the newest member; however, Majnun cut to the chase and instead went after the oldest-known Pantheon Member of that time: Nyx Chandra, Goddess of the Moon. His first order of business was to start a war with her which sent the entire Pantheon into chaos.

From that moment on, Majnun had earned himself a place of distant respect and slight fear from most of the other gods. Majnun maintained his life as a drifter for well over 1,000 years - causing havoc and starting wars while being nearly impossible for the other gods to pin down. He did not claim territory, he did not keep followers or Priests, and he did not form any human attachments. The closest relationship Majnun ever maintained was the odd friendship he kept with Agonin Madere - the God of Order.

Majnun finally took on his first Priest after roughly 1,200 years. It wasn't for lack of trying, though. Majnun actually successfully created four Priests and two Priestesses prior to Quinn Flanagan, yet each turned out more unstable and unreliable than the last. Finally, Majnun stumbled upon the Genie Lamp of Quinn Flanagan, an old slave of Adessa Tremere, the Goddess of Betrayal. In exchange for his freedom, Majnun required him to attempt his Priesthood Ritual. Quinn accepted and was the first Priest of Majnun to arise with all of his faculties still intact (depending on who you ask). 

Majnun Keeper, calling himself the God of Chaos, is known for a great deal of wars that he either participated in or started himself. From the first war he ever started after just ascending with Nyx Chandra, Goddess of the Moon, to the current day war with Fate Keeper, Goddess of Fate, Majnun has never shied away from conflict. While many wars were initiated by him, by far one of his most famous was the Great War between Nymphs and Werewolves.

The Great War started between Werewolf Reservations and the mortals who surrounded them. The mortal population of Moonlight Falls had changed leadership to a very Anti-Lycan group. Werewolves were being killed and hunted, so they called for aid from the neighboring community, the Glades of the Falls. While the relationship was alway tense between Werewolves and Nymphs, the Nymph would have heeded the call - if they had only received the message for aid, which they did not. Though there is no proof, it is generally accepted that Majnun Keeper intersected the note for aid. When the Nymphs did not aid the Werewolves, the reservations were forced out of Moonlight Falls. They gathered under the banner of Nyx, the Goddess of the Moon, before marching back in and slaughtering the entire population of Moonlight Falls in what would be known as the Werewolf Massacre of the Era of Prophecies. Once the Werewolves seized control of Moonlight Falls, they regrouped before starting a very long war with the Nymphs who did not answer their call. It was bloody, 100 year long battle that caused a great many losses on both sides.

Majnun is still very hated by most Nymphs raised within the Glades to this day.

Majnun Keeper is featured in every story written by Livvielove.

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