Vampire Lords and Daughters of Malice

Malice: The God of Night and Darkness that rose in the Era of Prophecies.
Vampire Lords and Daughters of Malice are are the strongest level of Vampirism that can be granted only through the God of the Night and Darkness. While there are two separate titles depending on the gender of the Vampire in question, the powers and strength are equally matched, if not slightly skewed in favor of the Daughters of Malice.

Vampire Lords far predate Daughter's of Malice. The first Vampire Lord was said to have been created during the Regal Era of Atalan. Being a privilege to men alone, the title was given to the highest ranking Vampires among the circles of the then God of the Night. Vampire Lords were those wealthy enough to host lands and hold titles. They often ran their own clans and only answered to the God of the Night. 

It wouldn't be until Era of Havoc that there would rise someone to challenge the traditions set by several gods prior. Malice Nightmare, rising at the age of 15 to God of the Night, would change the course of everything. He would make room for women amongst his court, and grant them the same powers that had long been granted to men previously.

Charlotte Keeper (Nee: Defount); the first Daughter of Malice.
There was outrage at such a progressive shift, and it seemed to add salt to the older Vampire Lord's wounds when the women who were granted similar status excelled far better at it than their male counterparts. A civil war started underneath Malice until it ended in a bloody overturn of almost all the previous Vampire Lords. Those who surrendered to Malice called a truce so long as Malice would allow the men to at least keep their titles. 

Malice accepted and granted any women who rose to Vampire Lord status the name Daughters of Malice. It's a title that has stuck ever since. For the remaining portion of the article (unless otherwise stated) 'Vampire Lord' shall be a term applied to both genders.

The magic used by Vampire Lords are similar to those of Vampires, yet there are some key differences. Vampire Lords do not need to feed - though they can if they wish to grow even stronger. They can walk freely amongst the sunlight for however long they wish. They are less weak to fire, and they can move even faster than a regular Vampire. 

On top of this, Vampire Lords are given an extra sense - somewhat like digging in to Divination. They get premonitions in some cases or just the ability to see their enemy's next few moves. With these extra abilities they are also granted inhuman strength and speed. Their seduction skills almost never fail them, and their hypnosis abilities are stronger. 

While Vampire Lords are often seen to be Priests/Priestesses of the God of the Night and Darkness, that is not always the case. While all Priests of the God of the Night and Darkness are Vampire Lords, not all Vampire Lords are Priests/Priestesses. 

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