Divination is the art of seeing the future in pictures that appear on blank cards. The art has been practiced since the beginning of time and is most commonly seen amongst the gods' circles - though it is not limited there.

Anyone with slight magical affiliation is capable of picking up the art, and the amount of magic one has seems to have no determinant on how clear the images will be for them.

While the images portray the future to the Divinator, it is to be said that the Divinator cannot see their own future, only the future of others. It is also accepted that the futures seen in the cards are not guaranteed, but potential futures. The better the Divinator is, the easier it is for them to see the likelihood of one potential future over another and plan accordingly.

There are many very talented Divinators in existence, but the best known divinator to this day is the High Priestess of Majnun Keeper: Mania Keeper.

Last Edited: 10/26/17 (LL)